How to Sell at Shows Like a Pro

How to SELL at SHOWS like a PRO!

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I have been selling my artwork at craft fairs, street festivals, artist markets, you-name-it since 2009.  With  65+ shows under my belt, I'm always learning something new!  When I started years ago, I knew little about how to go about getting into shows, preparing the work for a show, building a booth, let alone SELLING at the show itself!  

I WISH I would have had this incredible resource when I was a show newbie.  

One night I was scouring the internet for tips and tricks on selling at craft fairs and found this resource.  You know that moment when your heart skips a beat because you can't believe what you're seeing?  Yeah.  That was me laying in bed playing on my phone.  I struck internet gold.  I found a 250+ page PDF on EVERYTHING you'd EVER want to know about craft fairs and selling your work!  I stayed up until 3am reading it...nodding and screaming "YES!" while just soaking it all in.  If I would have had this e-book in 2009, was mistakes would I have avoided?  Grab your copy now!

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